Friday, April 26, 2013

The Murder of Steven Askew

This story hits close to home:

The murder of Steven Askew was in cold blood by a police officer with a less than perfect past.  Yes, Steven Askew was Black and the officer was white.  The report says that Steven was waiting on his girlfriend, asleep in his car after leaving work, when the police, who had been called to investigate a noise complaint, approached his car and startled.  According to the officer, Steven reached for his gun (which he had a license for) and he fired.  Thus, a 24 year-old black man is dead at the hands of the police.

The link that I just provided shows that this officer has a racist history as well as anger management issues which were of public knowledge to the police department.  What do you all think about this?  What do you all think about the fact the police continue to hire and keep people who they know are potentially detrimental to the society.  Now a young man is dead, and this young man could have easily been me or one of my family members or friends.

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